How to Play Pool Rummy

Welcome to a segment that will help you know the rummy rules very quickly and easily. We know you want to get started fast. So, we've come up with interactive demo videos of rummy online that will make it really easy for you to get familiar with the game of Pool Rummy.

How to Group cards?

Group cards

You can prevent your useful cards from being discarded by mistake by grouping them.

Rules at a Glance

The Main Rules

Arranging cards into sets and sequences

How to Pick a Card?

Picking a Card

You can pick a card from the closed deck or open deck.

How to Discard a Card?

Discarding a Card

A card can be discarded in three ways.

How to finish the game?

finishing the game

You can finish the game in three ways.

How do I declare my sets and sequences?

Declaring Sets and Sequences

Clicking on the 'DECLARE' button when you're done grouping.

How to Sort my Cards?

Sorting Cards

Sort and group your cards by suits.

How to Split Prize?

Splitting the Prize

The prize amount can be split among the remaining players.

How to set Auto Drop?

Setting Auto Drop

Drop your game automatically while you are not around.

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