How to Play Rummy

Gin Rummy Rules

You can use a card only once i.e. only for one combination i.e. either a set or a sequence. Just to reiterate, in any given gin rummy game, Ace is always low i.e. you can make a sequence as ace2three but not ace-king-queen.

How is Gin Rummy Played?

How to draw a card in a Gin rummy game? You can pick a card either from the discard pile or from the draw pile. You cannot just pick any card from the draw or discard pile; you have to pick the top card from them compulsorily.

Discarding a card in Gin rummy: After the player has drawn a card from the draw/discard pile, the player uses that card per his/her requirement of the gin rummy game. After deciding on the best use of the card, the player has to discard one card (the 11th card). This card will be put face up and would go in the discard pile. This way a turn is completed in a Gin rummy game.

Here, if the player has picked the top card from the discard pile, the same card cannot be discarded i.e. taking the top card from the discard pile and discarding the same is not permitted. Also, this is also not a very good way to play gin rummy because the player would kill on his option of drawing a card that could be more useful (read Gin Rummy Tricks).

First Turn in a Gin rummy game: In the first turn, if the non-dealer who actually has the option to draw/pick the open card does not want to pick up the open card, unlike 13 cards rummy or Indian rummy can be picked/drawn by the dealer.

If the dealer also doesn't want to pick the open card, the non-dealer can draw the top most card from the draw pile and then the Gin rummy game can move on.

How to finish a Gin Rummy Game?

Once you have formed the desired sets and/or sequences, you can end the Gin rummy game by discarding a card by facedown on the discard pile. After you have discarded one card facedown, you have to show your cards and declare the sets and/or sequences and show that you have made validcombinations.

If your opponent is finishing the Gin Rummy game, you have to disclose your cards and show the combinations (sets and/or sequences) that you have made. The remaining cards which you could not make combinations with would cost you points.

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