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Kalooki (Jamaican Rummy), Kaluki, Caloochie, Kaloochi, Kallochie, Kalougie, Kallokie[1], a version of Contract Rummy, is very popular in Jamaica and former Yugoslavia.[2][3][4][5] A version called "Super Kalooki" is played in tournaments while a version called "Baby Kalooki" is often\e basic accepted tournament rules and some popular home variations.

Unlikely to Indian rummy, Kalooki is nothing but a version of Contract Rummy. Kalooki is very popular in Jamaica and Jamaican people also have versions which are called Super Kalooki and Baby Kalooki. These Kalooki Variations are nothing but some home variations that people have come up with.

Players and Cards in Kalooki

In Kalooki, there are normally three to eight players;kalooki tournaments are played with four players on each table. You can use two or more deck of cards, which would depend on the number of players. The objective of Kalooki is to go out by laying down your cards. The point values of the cards left in a player's hand when someone goes out are:

Cards Points
Joker 50
Black Ace 15
King, Queen, Jack 10
2 to 10 Face Value
Red Ace 1

Sets in Kalooki

In Kalooki a "3" is a set of three or more cards of the same rank, such as 3-3-3or J-J-J-J-J. In Kalooki, the suits of these cards are allowed and do not matter.

In Kalooki, a "4" is a run of four or more consecutive cards of the same suit. For example the 3-4-5 and 6 of hearts can make a run. In the runs of Kalooki, Aces can never fall in the middle of a run i.e. K-A-2-3 cannot be a run but A-2-3-4 can be a run.

In Kalooki, when more than one 3 is put down by any player, those 3s should be of different number/rank.

In Kalooki, when more than one 4 is put down by any player, those 4s should be of different suits.

In Kalooki games when three sets of 4s are required, a full suit of cards can be used as a substitute. In Kalooki, jokers may be used as wild cards as a substitute of any card with the following restrictions:

While playing Kalooki, you cannot use a Joker as consecutive cards in a 4. For example: Hearts5-Joker- Hearts7 is correct but Hearts5-Joker-Joker-Heart7 is not allowed as a combination.

Next important point in Kalooki is that there cannot be two jokers in a 3. For example: 5-5-Joker and 6-6- Joker-Joker are allowed but 7-Joker-Joker are not allowed in Kalooki.

Deal and Contracts in Kalooki

The players deal the cards turn by turn. Each Kalooki game consist nine hands (deals). The winner of a Kalooki game is the one who gets the lowest total score at the end of these 9 deals.

The cards in Kalooki are dealt out one at a time. The number of cards dealt to each player depends on the hand being played. Just like rummy, in Kalooki, once the cards are dealt to all the players, the immediate next card is kept face up and that becomes the start of the discard pile. The remaining cards form the draw pile from where the cards would be picked.

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