How to Play Rummy

Rules for Playing Oklahoma Rummy

Oklahoma rummy game begins just like any other rummy game where the player draws a card from either the draw pile or the discard pile of the rummy table. The rummy players use this card for making sets and/or sequences and then discard a less useful card which becomes the part of the discard pile.

Point System or Scoring system in Oklahoma Rummy:

  • Face cards i.e. Jack, Queen and King are worth 10 points each
  • Ace is worth 1 point and
  • The other cards are worth their numerical value i.e. 3 is worth 3 points and 4 is worth 4 points

Oklahoma Rummy Rules have some other details which are called Gin, Knock and Undercut. The winner in an Oklahoma rummy game is the one who collects the maximum number of points after the Oklahoma rummy round.

Gin Oklahoma - This is when the rummy players has made the sequences and sets with all the cards and lays down all the cards together and by discarding the remaining card in the discard pile. After any rummy player has declared rummy, the remaining player/s shows their sequences and/or sets in a way that they carry minimum points. The defeated players receive double the points of the cards that they were not able to use in making sequences and/or sets.

Knock in Oklahoma Rummy Game - This is when a rummy player declares all the cards in the hand and the remaining cards count is equal to or lower than the face value of the opening card.

After players declare the rummy game as knock, the remaining players lays their sequences and/or sets on table and add matching cards to the Knocking player's melds only. This way the defeated players have an opportunity to reduce the number of penalty points in comparison to Gin Oklahoma declaration.

The Oklahoma Knock declaration gains the winner 10 points and the defeated other players all receive points for their unused cards less the points of the Knocker's unused cards.

The rummy games of are played with a joker. The above mentioned rummy information provided by RummyCircle is purely for informative purposes only. The rummy rules that are applicable to rummy games can be found at:

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